Good Design Week 2023

GOOD DESIGN WEEK (GDW) 2023 will be held in Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak, Malaysia. The event aims to provide a platform for academics, researchers, professionals and the creative industries community to discuss and share their best practices in safeguarding and preserving arts, culture and heritage. Through the keynotes, plenary sessions, exhibitions and workshops, local and international participants are invited to come together and share their insights on the change they bring through their good design outcomes.



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Max Schleser    

Assoc. Prof. Max Schleser
Associate Professor in Film and Television,Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Title of Keynote: Capturing and Experiencing Living Heritage

Max Schleser is an Associate Professor in Film and Television and a researcher in the Centre for Transformative Media Technologies at Swinburne University of Technology, Adobe Education Leader, Founder of the Mobile Innovation Network & Association ( and Screening Director of the International Mobile Innovation Screening & Festival. Max is an award-winning filmmaker with expertise in immersive media, documentary film and creative arts 4.0 with a focus on cinematic VR and interactive filmmaking. His research explores screen production, emerging media and smartphone filmmaking for community engagement, creative transformation and transmedia storytelling.

For Good Design Week 2023, Associate Professor Schleser will present key considerations for best practices in safeguarding and preserving arts, culture and heritage through multimedia design. Developments towards Industry 4.0 (including Artificial Intelligence, algorithms, and automation) and ongoing digital transformations continue to disrupt creative and design industries to produce new business models, production environments, and distribution channels. Drawing upon smartphone filmmaking, immersive storytelling and web3, his presentation will illuminate new creative processes to support Living Heritage.

Prof Ruslan    

Prof. Ts. Dr. Ruslan Abdul Rahim
Rector, National Academy of the Arts, Culture and Heritage, Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture

Title of Keynote: Non-Traditional Research Output[NTRO]: Makyung in Metaverse ~ The emerging Cultural Futurist

Upon completing his Diploma, Ruslan earned his stripes in the Malaysian advertising industry during the mid 80s. A stint as the sole graphic designer at PROTON’s Research & Development Department saw him pursuing and obtaining his Masters (M.Sc. Communications Design 1991) at the renowned Pratt Institute, New York City, U.S.A. It was here that he honed his skills in New Media encompassing Computer Graphics & Animation. A shift in his academic outlook brought a deep commitment towards an exploration of Interface design in the realm of the then burgeoning World Wide Web. This led him to embark on his doctoral research at Brighton University, East Sussex, UK on Interface Design for dyslexic users in 1996. He then returned to Malaysia after the new millennium and continued his academic service in UiTM. Since then, he has held numerous academic administrative positions spanning from Faculty Deputy Dean, Head of Quality Management (Office of Academic Affairs) and Director for the Institute of International Design Excellence in UiTM. His tenure as Dean of the Faculty of Art & Design which began in 2018 culminated to his appointment as Rector for the National Academy of The Arts, Culture & Heritage (ASWARA) since 2021. An encapsulation of nearly 39 years in private & public practice also included Visiting Professorship, Academic Advisor and External Examiner appointments at numerous private and public Universities. Ruslan was also the Principle Designer for the creative team that designed the personal Emblem for Her Royal Highness of Selangor, D.Y.M.M. Tengku Permaisuri Selangor (2021).

In his coming Good Design Week 2023 keynote, Prof. Ruslan will highlight the essence of Intangible Cultural Heirtage (ICH) through Non-traditional Research Output (NTRO). Intangible cultural heritage (ICH) is the living heritage of our communities, passed down from generation to generation. It includes oral traditions, performing arts, social practices, rituals and festive events, knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe, and traditional craftsmanship. ICH is a vital part of our cultural identity and diversity, and it plays an important role in sustainable development. Traditional research outputs, such as academic papers and books, can be a valuable tool for preserving ICH. However, they are not always accessible to the general public, and they may not be able to capture the full richness and complexity of ICH. Non-traditional research output (NTRO) approaches can help to overcome these challenges. NTROs are research outputs that do not take the traditional form of academic papers or books. They can include creative works, such as poems, stories, songs, films, and documentaries; live performances, such as music, dance, and theatre; and digital resources, such as websites, apps, and interactive games. NTROs have a number of advantages over traditional research outputs for preserving ICH. They can help to raise awareness of ICH and encourage people to learn more about it. Come and catch Prof. Ruslan in Day 1 of Good Design Week 2023 on NTRO, Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), Metaverse and Makyung!

Prof. Khoa Do    

Prof. Khoa Do
Head of Design Education in Practice I Hames Sharley,Professor (Adj. Ind.) of Architecture and Design I Swinburne University of Technology

Title of Keynote: Enabling Communities to Flourish by Educating Creatives to Design A World We Wish to Live In

Positioned at the intersection of design education, industry leadership, and practical application of research-driven insights, Professor Khoa Do serves as the Head of Design Education in Practice at Hames Sharley. He is globally renowned for his unwavering commitment to empowering designers to collaboratively pioneer innovative solutions for the dynamic challenges inherent in the contemporary built environment.Professor Khoa's influence transcends the corporate, industry, and academic spheres, where he actively fosters a culture of pushing against the confines of traditional design paradigms. Through this approach, he promotes meaningful, transformative endeavours for local and global practice communities. Throughout his career, Professor Khoa has led numerous internationally cited research initiatives, earning prestigious awards on a national and international scale. Presently, he holds the esteemed position of Professor (Adj. Ind.) of Architecture and Design at Swinburne University of Technology.

For Good Design Week 2023, Prof. Khoa will highlight the challenges and the future of preserving and advancing cultural heritage through tripartite collaboration and innovation of government, universities and creative industries.


Dr. Emil Jonescu
Senior Lecturer, Curtin University, Australia

Title of Keynote: Enabling Communities to Flourish by Preserving Culture in the Digital and AI Landscape: Leveraging Technology for Cultural Conservation

Dr. Emil Jonescu, an accomplished architect associated with the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. As the Head of Research and Development at Hames Sharley, Emil is a visionary leader bridging the gap between scholarly research, private-sector innovation, and practical application. Transcending borders and fostering collaborations among academics and researchers on both national and global scales, he cultivates practice-led research that elevates the architectural profession.Generously imparting his knowledge to emerging professionals and future leaders in the field through Dr Emil holds distinguished Industry Advisory Committee roles. His background encompasses leadership across three key sectors: government, private practice, and university academia. He possesses a unique ability to translate high-level industry research innovations into actionable solutions, a skill honed through first-hand experience addressing the intricate challenges faced by architects and designers, including the delicate balance of environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

In Good Design Week 2023, Dr. Emil will highlight the transformative possibilities of preserving the living cultures and practices through the use of technology as cultural preservation ally which is essential for design thinking that is inclusive, equitable and culturally rich in a global society.

liza Sideni

Ms. Salliza Binti Sideni
Head of Museum and Education, Brooke Museums

Title of Keynote: Aspire Programme - Threading the Past to the Present for a Sustainable Future

Salliza Sideni (fondly known as Liza) is currently on a mission to slowly but surely revive and document long-lost traditions/heritage for future generations. Having been in the education line for more than 20 years, this educator-turned-museums manager who is passionate about Sarawak’s heritage and culture believes that our heritage and traditions are priceless, and worth sustaining and preserving especially for the future generation. Liza hopes to bring her passion and heritage/cultural knowledge to bear in educating future generations. Liza is Brooke Museums Head of Museums and Education and Project Manager of Brooke Museums ASPIRE Programme sponsored by Yayasan Hasanah. ASPIRE is a heritage programme to address textile preservation and youth skills in Sarawak. She is currently the Chairperson for Persatuan Warisan dan Kesenian Keringkam Sarawak (a registered society set up with the purpose of ensuring the well-being, continuity and sustainability of Keringkam Sarawak), one of the Board Members of Sarawak Tourism Federation (STF) and Main Committee Member of Kuching Heritage Awareness Society (KHAS). Liza also firmly believes education is the best way to empower women and girls to make *that* big difference in life. You can reach her at

The ASPIRE Programme addresses two key issues facing local society today – the potential loss of an intangible cultural heritage and life’s challenges facing our youth. The project converges the preservation and conservation of at-risk traditional skills (in this project, the art of keringkam) with the capacity development of local disadvantaged youth, upskilling them in the essential preservation and conservation of heritage textiles. In doing so, we ensure continuity of the heritage arts and crafts in Sarawak while achieving an outreach outcome that prepares disaffected youth to become productive members of society. Our programme will take the intangible heritage of at-risk traditional skills, the energies of those in need of grounding and focus, and produce tangible results such as arts and crafts, to ensure a sustainable future for both the art of keringkam itself and for the youths who have benefited from this training.You can reach her at


Ms. Lucille Awen Jon
Chief Executive Officer, Pungu Borneo

Title of Keynote: Modernization Crafts in Line With Preserving and Conserving the Heritage.

Pungu Borneo is a creative brand focusing on traditional knowledge and cultural heritage through ethnics jewelry and handicraft. A Bidayuh, and a masterbeader herself with several local and international awards under her belt, she will share exciting keynote presentation with the Good Design Week 2023 audience in raising the awareness and importance of preserving and reviving the cultural heritage of indigenous people in Sarawak through modernization of crafts.

The lack of implementation of IP awareness on indigenous crafts in Sarawak has resulted in generally undervalued crafts leading to non-quality production. This non-quality product does not represent the indigenous well, as most of it is produced by manufacturers from other countries due to increasing demand. It has also led to poor marketing and branding elements. With the natural talent and skills that most of the crafters have, the aim of this project is to enable a sustainable economic income for their family by creating and bringing globally ready crafts products. Concisely, the keynote aims to have crafts and their creation well presented with appropriate measures to the audience as well as taking into account the preservation and conservation details while promoting the crafts responsibly globally. Among the characteristics of great quality versus mass-produced products for global-ready are the quality, branding, presentation, value, and services. These objectives are important to create awareness and increase community support and self-efficacy through traditional and modern crafts with local resources. This will shape the creative and entrepreneurial culture within the community. As a social impact-driven company, the speaker wishes there were more indigenous groups embarking on their steps to preserve the tangible heritage from diminishing within the near future. This will push the local authorities to work together to combat the issues with funding, expertise, and facilities. As Sarawak working forward for sustainable and responsible Tourism, our aim is to be part of it for the long run, in line with UNSDGs 1,9,10,11, and 16. As a crafter, the speaker hopes to see more resourceful and resilient artisans going into the global market.


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