1st Swinburne Sarawak Postgraduate Research Conference (SSPRC)

The organising committee is pleased to announce the release of the 1st SSPRC Technical Program (see below for full conference program and virtual links).  We look forward to sharing with you our first-of-its-kind virtual conference with program ranging from Keynote Speeches, Parallel Technical Sessions and Best Paper & Poster Awards.  

The conference will feature keynote speeches focusing on how to deliver an impactful research through transformative experience especially during the pandemic.  Besides that, the conference will also feature 68 papers and posters presentation from our Higher Degree Research (HDR) students.  Please visit our School of Research (SoR) website for more info.

The inaugural 2-day conference is a good opportunity for our Swinburne Sarawak Higher Degree Research (HDR) students to: 

  • present their research at a local conference 
  • discuss their research and receive feedbacks with a view to improve their overall research but also oral, writing and presentation skills 
  • self-reflect on their research and its position among their peers 
  • get advice on how to generate more impactful research 
  • develop an interdisciplinary outlook through meeting peers from other disciplines 

We do hope you can make time out of your busy schedule to attend the conference and share your view with our participants and panels.

Conference Organising Committee:  

General Chair  

Ir. Dr. Angelia Liew San Chuin  


Dr. Ling Chui Ching  

Publicity Chair  

A/P Lau Bee Theng  

Technical Programme Chairs  

A/P Basil Wong, A/P Moritz Mueller Dr. Symeon Mandrinos, Dr. Elammaran Jayamani  

Publication Chair  

Dr. George Ngui Kwang Sing  

Award Chair  

Dr. Elammaran Jayamani  

Treasury & Logistics  

Dayang Salwa Abang Nawawi  


Feel free to contact our secretariat, Dr Ling Chui Ching, ccling@swinburne.edu.my or any of our organising committee for program related enquiries. 

We look forward to seeing you all online!

Virtual Links (MS Teams)

1st SSPRC General Hall - Welcome Address, Opening Address, Keynote Speech, Best Paper and Poster Awards and Closing Ceremony 

1st SSPRC General Hall - Click here to join


Parallel Sessions:

Day 1 - 17 September 2020 (Please click on the link below) 

17 Sep 2020 (Thu) AM - Session 1a 

17 Sep 2020 (Thu) AM - Session 1b  

17 Sep 2020 (Thu) AM - Session 1c  

17 Sep 2020 (Thu) PM - Session 2a 

17 Sep 2020 (Thu) PM - Session 2b 

17 Sep 2020 (Thu) PM - Session 2c 

Day 2 - 18 September 2020 (Please click on the link below) 

18 Sep 2020 (Fri) AM - Session 1d 

18 Sep 2020 (Fri) AM - Session 1e 

18 Sep 2020 (Fri) AM - Session 1f 

18 Sep 2020 (Fri) PM - Session 2d 

18 Sep 2020 (Fri) PM - Session 2e 

18 Sep 2020 (Fri) PM - Session 2f