Swinburne Sarawak in InTEX18 Expo

Tuesday 17 July 2018

Dr Elammaran Jayamani with his awards received by him and his team on multiple projects from InTEX18 @UNIMAS.

Recently, Swinburne Sarawak Researchers have participated in InTEX18 Expo organised by UNIMAS on 17th - 18th July at Pullman, Kuching.

InTEX18 is a platform provided for researchers,inventors and designers to showcase their research findings, exhibit their inventions, designs, prototypes and products from various research institutions and universities accross Malaysia, making it the ideal platform for technological commercialisation and collaboration. 

Swinburne Sarawak has sent out 10 teams and have secured 2 Golds, 3 Silvers and 5 Bronze medals, making it 100% success rate on the expo! 

Below are the details of awards won: 

Prize Project Title Cluster Project Leader
Gold A Game-based Spatial Navigation Learning Tool for Children with Visual Impairment Engineering & Technology  A/Prof Dr Lau Bee Theng
Gold Dielectric materials production from Borneo Acacis's wood reinforced Green Composites Engineering & Technology Dr Elammaran Jayamani
Silver Sniffy - The IoT Food Wastes Bin Engineering & Technology Dr Chua Hong Siang
Silver  Development of Two-Port Network Analyzer for Microwave Measurement Covering from 100 MHz to 2.7GHz Engineering & Technology Dr Then Yi Lung
Silver Potential of Luffa-PLA Bio-composite for Mallet Finger Splint Application Engineering & Technology Dr Elammaran Jayamani
Bronze A Quick and Easy Carbon Dots - Based Ferric Sensor Medicinal & Life Sciences A/Prof Dr Ng Sing Muk
Bronze Mycolytic microorganisms as Biological Control Agents against fungi pathogens in oil palm and pepper plants. Medicinal & Life Sciences A/Prof Dr Peter Morin Nissom
Bronze A Finger-based Obstacle Detector for People with Low Vision Engineering & Technology A/Prof Dr Lau Bee Theng
Bronze Kuching Heritage App Engineering & Technology John Hii
Bronze Commercialization and Sustainable use of Acacia's wood waste in Bio composites production and Applications Natural Sciences Dr Elammaran Jayamani


We would like to congratulate the teams on their great success and being well recognised among our peers. The team will continue to strives to upload this superior research standard and keep providing the world with real solutions.