Women Leadership and Empowerment

Women Leadership and Empowerment  Cluster

Empowered women, empower women.

There is a global power Imbalance, and women are underrepresented in leading positions, in political and economic decision-making processes, the civil service, the private sector and academia. This has resulted in many issues of gender equity and gender parity. The Women Leadership and empowerement cluster aim to curate a safe and supportive platform for emerging and established women leaders to grow and connect nationally and internationally. This is to elevate the stature and talents of women to advance in leadership. The cluster aims to do this by focusing on research areas on access and equity prevalent to women issues & provide leadership and training programs for aspiring and developing women leaders.


  • SUTS Women in Leadership Series
  • Women Leadership Foundation: Sarawak Women of Tomorrow 2022 (SWOT 2022)
  • United Nation’s Women Empowerment Principle (WEP) Signatory