About Us

The Centre of Education Research (CER) is Swinburne Sarawak’s latest research centre which aims to make an impact on educational research, teaching and learning innovation as well as policy development both in Malaysia and abroad.

Our vision is to be an internationally recognized research group with impact, that progresses and translates knowledge and expertise in the field of education and technological research. We aim to showcase Swinburne’s expertise in research and innovation in the educational research space as we look to grow partnerships with public and private stakeholders across the region. Our centre aligns closely with the needs of the Sarawak state and pays great attention to emerging educational policies and practice. As a team of educators and researchers, we also aim to support capacity building in research and innovation by providing effective research training and continuous professional development workshops for teachers, researchers and policy makers alike.

Conceptualised in 2018, the centre began operations in 2019 and consists of three main research clusters namely:

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Research Cluster led by Dr. Adeline Ng

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Research Cluster led by Dr. Elaine Yeu

The Immersive Media and Creative Design Research Cluster led by Ts. Augustus Raymond Segar

The Centre is led by the director, Hugh John Leong who is also the Deputy Head of School, School of Design and Arts and Course Director, MA (TESOL) program in Swinburne Sarawak. Hugh has over a decade of experience in higher education and has led a number of research projects in education. He has been involved in collaborative research projects with relevant ministries and government agencies for quality assurance, student engagement and in-service professional development of English teachers in Sarawak, China and Indonesia.