Research Focus

Our research focuses on:

  • Equal participation and equitable representation in policy and economic decision-making
  • Eliminating barriers to education, health and employment opportunities
  • Financial empowerment and entrepreneurship development


  1. Projects

Wee, L. Voon, M. L & Badiozaman, I. (2022) Empowerment of Women through financial education (2022)* CIMB Foundation – Community Link Grant

  1. Book Chapter
  • Ng, Adeline, Voon, M. L. and Badiozaman, I. (2023) Career resilience in higher education. Emerald
  1. Book
  • Badiozaman, I., Voon, M. L & Sandu, K. (2023). Women in Higher Education: Stories and Strategies of navigating academia. Routledge
  1. Journal articles
  • Huong, N., Badiozaman, I. & Voon, M.L (2022). Agency in Academic Promotion: Self-oriented and socially oriented strategies among Australian academics. Studies in Higher Education
  • Huong, N., Badiozaman, I., & Voon. M. L (2022). Attracting and retaining academics: The role of internal promotion processes. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management
  1. Conference Proceedings
  • Birdthistle, Badiozaman, Braun & Flynn (2022) The power of a mouse – enabling women in Sarawak Malaysia to engage in e-commerce activities during Covid-19 (June 19-22, 2022 Diana Conference, Dublin, Ireland)
  • Badiozaman, I., Voon, Mung Ling and Fung, Chorng Yuan (2021) Supporting women entrepreneurs in the Lingering pandemic: Insights from Sarawak, Malaysia Asia Pacific Marketing and Management Conference 2-3rd September 2021