Research Focus

Our research focuses on these areas:

  • Innovative pathways to entrepreneurship
  • Community readiness, skill development and social impact
  • Eliminating barriers and maximizing inclusion through digital technologies
  • Business modelling for innovation
  • Adoption and impact of workplace digitalization

Our projects:

  • Remote working, organisational support and employees job satisfaction during the pandemic.
  • An investigation of the impact of digital transformation on organisational culture.
  • An investigation of the digital organisational culture of SMEs.
  • e-Commerce readiness of small and medium size enterprises in Sarawak, 2021.
  • Application of digital technology and social media on cultural entrepreneurship among rural women in Sarawak, 2020.
  • Monetizing Serious Leisure: A grounded theory of blogshops, 2020.
  • Impact study on community readiness towards "Digital Sarawak": Digital skills, innovation and talent development, 2019.
  • Digital socio-economy platform to improve quality of life and productivity of rural communities in Sarawak, Sarawak Information Systems, 2017.
  • Evaluation of forestry chain of custody, Sarawak Forestry Corporation, 2017.
  • An evaluation of park service concession models for Kubah National Park, Sarawak Forestry Corporation, 2016.
  • Sharing economy approaches to transport and tourism in rural Sarawak, Melbourne-Sarawak Collaborative Research Scheme, 2016.