Research Focus

Our traditional and non-traditional research outcome are in the areas of:

  • Arts, culture and heritage - communication, preservation, digitisation, documentation, gamification and scholarship of arts, culture and heritage with community.
  • Extended Reality (XR) - Creative outcomes through immersive technologies such Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality interactive applications and games.
  • Education and technology - Innovative strategies and approaches in the educational system and new technologies to assist students in attaining 21st century skills.

Recent Projects:

  • Application of Technology in the Tokyo Olympics, 2022.
  • Design lecturer takes Malaysia Prime Minister to Metaverse, 2022.
  • An Investigation of Cultural Heritage Education Potentials using Virtual Reality, 2022.
  • A pilot evaluation of technology–enabled active learning through a Hybrid Augmented and Virtual Reality app, 2021.
  • Examining faculty's online teaching competence during crisis: one semester on, 2021.
  • Exploring online teaching competence in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic: insights from Sarawak, Malaysia, 2021.
  • Baram Bunch: Story Hunters Pilot Animation, 2021.
  • An Immersive Documentary of the Salako's Oral Traditions and Expressions, 2020.
  • Sarawak Media Group Digital Creative Series 2D Animation Project, 2020.
  • Good Design Week, 2019

Upcoming Projects:

  • Good Design Week, 2023.
  • Largest Sarawak Themed Mural Painting, 2022.
  • Cultural Entrepreneurship Factory, 2022.
  • Fostering community empowerment and capacity building through tourism: Insights from the Terendak Documentary, 2022.
  • Extended Reality Storytelling: Insights from the Salako Community in Sarawak, 2022.
  • Behavioural Intention to use Hybrid Learning Among Higher Education Teachers Post Covid-19, 2022.